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One World, Two Wheels
Established in 2001, Bike and Roll is America 's leading bicycle rentals and tours company. We currently operate locations in Chicago, Miami Beach, San Francisco, New York City and Washington D.C.

Bike and Roll is actively seeking new companies with which to partner.
We value relationships with high quality, motivated bike rental companies looking to grow consumer mindshare by using the Bike and Roll brand to expand business in active cities and parks, bringing top-of-the-line equipment, tours, and healthy fun to the masses! As a Bike and Roll member, you will benefit from the industry-leading experience, robust purchasing power, and marketing outreach of our company.

If you operate an established bicycle rental or tour company, are looking to start your own business, or are seeking a consultant to offer bike rental and tour services at a park or resort, Bike and Roll is interested in talking to you.

Bike and Roll is not a franchise. All shops are independently owned and operated.

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